Semester 1 2023

The Semester 1, 2023 edition of the Journal of Professional Learning (JPL) begins with a focus on secondary English. A reflection on the importance of teaching reading for enjoyment in high schools is complemented by a discussion on the challenges faced by English teachers trying to engage their students when their minds are focussed on the all-encompassing influence of social media. The complexity of incorporating research-based strategies to meet the specific learning needs of students with Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder (ADHD) is addressed through a practical article explaining what ADHD is, how it manifests in the classroom, and suggested strategies to support primary school students with ADHD. Remaining focused on student outcomes, an article summarising academic research on the confluence of teacher collective efficacy and professional learning and their effects on student achievement concludes with a call to action for school and system leaders to build cultures of professional learning in schools that create a sense of teacher collective efficacy. This edition also provides an exposition of Moorambilla Voices, an organisation that runs Arts programs (including choir, dance, drumming and visual arts) in regional and remote areas of NSW, so that our students with big dreams are given the opportunity to shine. The pursuit of ensuring that Aboriginal Education is at the forefront of an Aboriginal and/or Torres Strait Islander TAFE student’s learning journey is supported by an article explaining reasons why all TAFE teachers should be trained in Cultural Awareness and Cultural Safety. Matters concerning our public education communities are explored, including an argument advocating the removal of Special Religious Education from valuable learning time in our secular schools; as well as an article illustrating the reasons why a Yes vote in the Voice referendum is essential to create a fairer, inclusive, and better Australia for all. The JPL could not be published without the contributions of the authors who generously share their expertise to write these articles. The Centre for Professional Learning sincerely thanks them for their time and dedication; and acknowledges their commitment to the teaching profession and public education.

For your Classroom

Strategies for supporting students with Attention- Deficit/Hyperactivity Disorder (ADHD) Years 1-6

Rose Dixon gives some practical advice on how to support students with ADHD . . .  WHAT IS ADHD? Attention-deficit/hyperactivity...


Teaching English to Teenage Tourists

Steve Henry offers some reflections on the challenges faced by English teachers in a time when social media has an...


‘A word after a word is power’: Reflections on reading in Secondary English 

Jackie Manuel reflects on the nature of, and importance of, teaching reading in Secondary English. She encourages teachers to utilise...


For your Staffroom

Do Not Try This Alone: The Importance of a Professional Learning Collective

Professor Tony Loughland and Professor Mary Ryan explain why teacher collective efficacy is a vital part of their professional learning...


Moorambilla Voices – More than just a choir!

 Michelle Leonard and Margie Moore give us an insight into a regional focused choir and arts organisation designed to give...


Bangaya Bulbuwul Muru (Dharug) – Let’s make strong pathways

Anissa Jones explores the importance and practicalities of including Cultural Awareness and Cultural Safety in all TAFE courses. She discusses...


For your Future

Saying Yes to the Voice

Lara Watson argues the case for the importance of a Yes vote in the Voice to Parliament referendum. . . ...


Making Our Public Schools Secular

Jack Galvin Waight delves into the reasons why it is essential to make our public schools secular havens . ....