Semester 2 2022

This edition of the Journal of Professional Learning (JPL) provides constructive advice about effective classroom management for primary and secondary teachers; and introduces the joys and social and cognitive benefits of teaching Drama in primary classrooms. The complexities of working with refugee students and their families is explored; as is the importance of ensuring that English as an Additional Language or Dialect (EAL/D) students feel both valued and included in our classrooms.  The history of the Teachers Federation’s Library, which celebrated its centenary this year, is shared and includes highlights of treasured artefacts and Librarian appointments.   The variety of articles incorporate matters concerning all teachers across our public education system including a discussion on climate change classroom activists; as well as an astute analysis of a decade of Local Schools, Local Decisions, and the harmful effects of devolutionary models forced on schools and education.  Finally, an international topic focussing on Australia’s place in the world of education provides us with an opportunity to reflect on where we are and where we want to be.  

For your Classroom

‘Including’ English as an Additional Language or Dialect Learners in your Classroom

Cindy Valdez explores some of the strategies that help to support English as an Additional Language or Dialect (EAL/D) learners...


Effective Classroom Management

Helen McMahon, Michelle Gleeson, Andrea Gavrielatos & Trystan Loades consider one of the most important topics for all teachers … classroom...


Teaching Drama in Primary School

Natalie Lopes examines the reasons why teaching Drama in primary school classrooms is so important. She writes about the benefits...


For your Staffroom

A century of professional learning: Teachers Federation Library Centenary 2022

Mary Schmidt guides us through the history of the Federation Library that this year celebrated its centenary. She shares with...


It’s Complex: Working with Students of Refugee Backgrounds and Their Families in NSW Public Schools

Professor Megan Watkins and Professor Greg Noble present a research-based examination of the complexities involved in working with students of...


For your Future

Australia, Educational Lone Wolf?

Pasi Sahlberg delves into a discussion of Australia’s place in the world of education, and examines why Australia is somewhat...


Striking for their lives: Climate activists in the classroom

Mercurius Goldstein offers some reflections on why our students have become activists for the fight against climate change. He explains...


Local Schools, Local Decisions – A Lost Decade

Maurie Mulheron gives us all an insight into the effects that Local Schools, Local Decisions has had on education in...