Semester 1 2019

The JPL leads 2019 with clear advice for your accreditation along with articles supporting new syllabus implementation for PDHPE and Modern History, and significant research and practical direction for the successful teaching of reading and writing. In this edition there is also a compelling explanation for why some uses of ‘evidence based’ practices and policy can be potentially harmful to your students, plus suggestions for how to make your school more environmentally sustainable. Important reading for all teachers includes Denis Fitzgerald’s essay on the essential role of teachers in the age of “fake news” and Professor Kalervo Gulson’s findings around how we can protect our public education system from the unwanted intrusions of artificial intelligence.

For your Classroom

“From little things big things grow”: Cleaning Up Our Waste and Building Up Our Community

Kimberley Cutting shares her school’s journey to improve our environment…   Schools are at the forefront of sustainability. We are...


Recognising Good Teaching: My Journey to Proficient Teacher

Lucille Flegg remembers good times at school and thinks Teaching Standards should reflect our high-quality, high-status profession…   My favourite...


Power, Authority and the New Modern History Syllabus

Jonathon Dallimore offers some reflections on the new HSC Modern History Core due to be examined for the first time...


For your Staffroom

“The Way of Words”: Understanding and Teaching Reading in Primary Classrooms

Robyn Ewing makes the case for teaching reading that considers the individual needs, background and abilities of each child and...


What is Going Wrong with ‘Evidence-based’ Policies and Practices in Schools in Australia

James Ladwig explains why teachers should be aware of centrally pre-determined practices masquerading as ‘evidence-based’ advanced, innovative curriculum and teaching…...


A Guide to the New PDHPE Syllabus

Michelle Maher introduces you to the new K-10 syllabus which is mandatory for Years 7 and 9 in 2019… As...


For your Future

Preparing for the Impact of Artificial Intelligence on Education in Australia

Kalervo Gulson, Sam Sellar, Andrew Murphie and Simon Taylor argue we can act now to ensure the Australian experience of...