Semester 1 2015

In this issue the JPL provides some practical advice which might advance your classroom practice, some ideas to consider with your colleagues and some far-reaching analysis about some of the deeply significant issues in public education.

For your Classroom

Getting Passionate About Maths

Catherine Attard explores some strategies to increase student engagement in Maths … “I like having a teacher who is really...


How Goes the New K-6 English Syllabus?

Jenny Williams and Mary-Ellen Betts share some ideas about how Primary English is unfolding …   Primary teachers in NSW...


Setting Up For Your Career

Michelle Gleeson gives some practical advice for teachers starting out in the profession…   There is no doubt that starting...


Managing Student Behaviour

Helen McMahon considers one of the most confronting issues for almost all teachers …   Of all the issues confronting beginning...


For your Staffroom

Using Formative Assessment Practices to Lift Student Achievement

Joanne Jarvis looks at the positive power of sound assessment …   Research has shown that assessment is a critical...


Becoming a Better Teacher

Jane Sherlock suggests some practical steps that all teachers might find useful … We all have memories of our own...


Fads and Miracle Cures in Education

Carly-Jane Boreland delves into some of the most recent fashions in education and wonders if …   Have we got...


For your Future

High Cognitive Work Across the School Years

Wayne Sawyer investigates how we can produce high levels of learning for our students … During 2013 -2014 I have...


Entitlement to a Decent Education for All: An Argument for Equity

Susan Groundwater-Smith examines what all children and communities are truly entitled to … This article initially addresses the relationship between...