Semester 2 2015

The JPL continues with its focus on addressing the needs of all teachers in public education – considering questions of planning, engagement, encouraging reluctant learners, simple and useful programming and a  video with a direct approach into Shakespeare. We look at what might really be learnt from My School, and we also have a major and profound Message to the Profession.

For your Classroom

Shakespeare Video

CPL Shakespeare in the Classroom from NSW Teachers Federation on Vimeo.


Programming: Keeping it Simple and Useful

Judy King provides the essence of straightforward and purposeful programming … Teachers in NSW teachers are fortunate to have access...


Engagement and Mathematics: What does it look like in your classroom?

Catherine Attard continues her guidance about making Maths come alive in your primary classroom… What does it look like, feel...


For your Staffroom

The NSW 7-10 History Syllabus: Getting it Right

Kate Cameron looks at some issues, approaches and opportunities in the History 7-10 syllabus…   The NSW 7-10 History Syllabus:...


Engaging reluctant readers: some ideas for upper primary and junior secondary classrooms

Deb McPherson has advice that will allow you to enthuse even your most reluctant readers… What might truly grab your...


For your Future

Show an Affirming Flame: A Message to the Profession

Paul Brock looks at the past and to the future and provides a profound message for all public educators… “Any...


What we really learn from My School

Chris Bonnor and Bernie Shepherd look at My School and find some new, surprising, and significant lessons for teachers and...


Towards Deep Engagement

Dan Sprange and Geoff Munns present well-researched and proven means to engender deep engagement in your classroom… ‘Stop that immediately...