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Aboriginal Studies 11-12

Cath Jeffery explains why all schools should offer Aboriginal Studies.

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Confidence using Assessment Data and Statistics K-12

Jim Sturgiss and Gavin Parker want you to assess your students with confidence.

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Beginning Teaching in Country Schools K-12

Cath Jeffery has taught and raised her family in country NSW. She reflects on how she became invested in her students and town.

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Special Edition Part I: Researching together for a Fair Go

Wayne Sawyer and Katina Zammit share some theory and findings of the teacher-research model of the Fair Go Program, which is celebrating its 21st anniversary.

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Leading a high expectations curriculum 7-12

Lila Mularczyk and Maurie Mulheron insist public schools must maintain a comprehensive curriculum and that no option should be left unexplored to provide the full range of subjects.

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Using the language of music K-8

Graham Sattler explores ways to talk about music with your students and how to make these conversations features of every classroom.

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Anxiety and supporting students with disability K-12

Rose Dixon explains what anxiety feels like and what you can do to look for warning signs in your students with special learning needs.

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Critical Literacy

Kathy Rushton and Joanne Rossbridge discuss the essential concept of Critical Literacy. They explain why it is essential for teachers (in both primary and secondary classrooms) to teach our students how to critically analyse all texts and to help them to develop a broader view of the world.

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Interview with Maurie Mulheron: In defence of public education

In this special edition of the CPL Podcasts, Maurie Mulheron discusses the history, politics and ongoing debates surrounding public education in Australia.

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Music Reading K-6

Graham Sattler illustrates how making music in the classroom can be a joyful and enriching opportunity for both K – 6 students and their teachers. He explains how primary school teachers can approach the seemingly challenging task of teaching their students how to read written (sheet) music. He discusses why it is so important for teachers to do so and how such skills are linked closely to teaching literacy, numeracy and logic.

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