Leading a high expectations curriculum 7-12

28 March 2021

Lila Mularczyk and Maurie Mulheron insist public schools must maintain a comprehensive curriculum and that no option should be left unexplored to provide the full range of subjects.

It’s very important that children, whether in Walgett or Woollahra, are expected to have a degree of resourcing and a professional, qualified teacher in front of them.

We need those institutions, the Department and universities, working together…

The longevity of understanding and putting in place years in advance is really important…

It goes to your strategic planning… if we agree as a staff that we are a high expectations school, then what do we need to do? Where are the gaps? Where are the professional learning gaps and expertise?

Start thinking in terms of subjects, disciplines, physics, chemistry… and marry the teachers to the subjects and their love of their subjects.

The kids pick up on that passion and expertise.

Lila Mularczyk and Maurie Mulheron