Confidence using Assessment Data and Statistics K-12

28 June 2021

Jim Sturgiss and Gavin Parker want you to assess your students with confidence.

There is a lot more assessment now… kids are tested beyond belief at this stage and there is no point having data if you are not going to analyse it and use it. 

Data is one thing but unless you map that to some kind of assessment framework which puts flesh on that in terms of what the data means in relation to the syllabus its meaningless.  

If you do not understand how the assessment has been put together than that data is fairly meaningless… External data can give a good understanding of where there might be a gap in the teaching programs related to the syllabus… With NAPLAN, the error of measurement of any kid’s score is quite high…  

If you get your assessment right it will drive your teaching. Think about what you are going to assess, how you are going to assess it and the standards you are going to address and everything will flow from that.