Semester 1 2021

This semester we bring you a Special Edition of the JPL dedicated to the work of the Fair Go research program at Western Sydney University(WSU), which is focused on practitioner research on pedagogy and engagement in low-SES schools. Fair Go has always had a connection with the NSW Teachers Federation in ways touched on in the Introduction by Wayne Sawyer, and that includes previous publications in JPL. 2021 is the 21st birthday of the Fair Go program and this milestone, and this connection, is recognised in this Special Edition. A suggestion is to begin by reading the first three articles by Wayne Sawyer, Katrina Zammit, and Geoff Munns (all of WSU) in which Fair Go is introduced, its history is outlined and its key pedagogical Framework is explained. The contents of these three articles are heavily referenced in the later articles.

For your Classroom

Introduction to the Special Edition

Wayne Sawyer is Emeritus Professor at Western Sydney University where he remains an active researcher. He began working with the...


Find A Place Where You Can Do Your Best Work

Julie Fendall is a classroom teacher currently in Sydney’s Blue Mountains. She has been a teacher-research assistant on the Schooling...


‘It’s What Makes A Perfect Class’: Conversations In The Classroom

Rebecca Rivers graduated from Western Sydney University with a Masters of Teaching (Primary) and began teaching at Lansvale Public School....


All About MeE: The Fair Go Program’s Student Engagement Framework

Geoff Munns has been involved as a researcher in all aspects of the Fair Go Program since its inception, when...


History of The Fair Go Program: A Brief Overview

Katina Zammit is Deputy Dean and a Senior Lecturer in the School of Education, at Western Sydney University. She has...


For your Staffroom

‘We Are Not Just Some Kids’: The Gallery as A Classroom Space for Student Engagement

Dr Kate Winchester is a facilitator and lecturer who is passionate about student engagement, inspiring social justice, creativity and authentic...


Supporting Learning Through COVID-19

Rani Fairbairn and Belinda Gibbs were involved in Schooling for a Fair Go as a classroom teacher and coach respectively...


Feeding Back: Reflections on Mentoring

Alexandra Harris is a Head Teacher (Teaching and Learning) in Sydney. The story she tells here involves her work in...


For your Future

Schooling For A Fair Go: Reflections On Leadership For School Change

Greg Turnbull and Melissa Clarke were directly involved in working with the teachers at Grassland Public School as part of...


Developing a Culture of Reflective, Responsive Practice

Sarah Webb has spent the majority of her career serving disadvantaged schools in south-western Sydney and the Illawarra. She joined...


“Building Dreams, Keeping Goals, Developing Aspirations, Having Conversations”: An Interview with Nicole Wade

Nicole Wade is a Nyoongah (south-western Western Australia) woman who is Principal of Campbellfield Public School. As a student, she...