Semester 1 2018

The JPL begins 2018 with a special series of articles to support the implementation of the new Stage 6 Mathematics and English courses, which will be taught in all Secondary schools for the first time this year. The edition then expands to matters concerning all teachers across our public education system, including Christina Ho’s revealing illustration of diversity, ethnicity and advantage, as well as an article calling for more Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islanders in our profession. Richard Gill reflects on his successful career in Music Education and how teaching and assessment has changed since he was a beginning teacher, and Les Perelman makes a significant case against the flawed evidence-base for an assessment policy that was to be introduced in our schools.

For your Classroom

A Very Useful Aspirin: Networks and the New Stage 6 Mathematics Standard Syllabus

David Watson reflects on why the new Mathematics Standard course is useful for students and explains how to teach the...


Contemporary (Im)possibilities?: Making Digital Texts ‘Doable’ in the Classroom

Rosemary Henzell helps teachers imagine new possibilities for their English classroom… But first, the fear… When the new NESA English...


For your Staffroom

An Introduction to the New Stage 6 Mathematics Advanced and Extension Syllabuses

Terry Moriarty introduces the new calculus-based courses to be implemented from 2019… The new NSW Stage 6 Mathematics Advance and...


Considering the Advanced and Standard Courses in the New Stage 6 English Syllabus: Part II: Year 11

Deb McPherson, Jane Sherlock, Jowen Hillyer and Rosemary Henzell suggest some approaches to planning for the new Standard and Advanced...


Attracting More Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islanders to our Profession

Peter Johnson makes the case for more Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander teachers in your school…   The under-representation of...


For your Future

‘Asians always do well’: Getting Behind the Stereotypes of ‘Ethnic Success’ in NSW

Christina Ho makes the case for improved understanding of the complex relationships between ethnicity, class and school achievement… James Ruse...


The Making of a Teacher: Why NAPLAN is not Good Enough for Us

Richard Gill has directed the finest Australian Operas. He looks back on his time as a teacher and considers NAPLAN’s...