Semester 1 2016

This semester the JPL provides teachers in public education with some concise advice about programming and assessment, a perspective on the minds and capacities of Kindergarten students, guides to the K-6 History and Science syllabuses, a major contribution to our understanding of teaching writing in the secondary years and a comprehensive work on teaching students with disability. The edition is rounded out with some considerations about what makes a good school whilst Steve Dinham provides us with a profound analysis of how the US and the UK are having deeply negative effects on Australian education.

For your Classroom

Making Science and Technology a Prominent Part of the Primary Curriculum

Christine Preston provides a straightforward guide to teaching Science and Technology in the primary years …                                                                                                                                             Primary teachers in NSW have been...


Teaching History K-6

Jenny Lawless takes us through the History K-6 syllabus which becomes mandatory this year … Teaching History K-6 is mandatory in...


Teaching Kindy Kids, Learning from Kindy Kids

Amanda Hayes and Michelle Tregoning share insights about what our Kindy students bring to the classroom … At the beginning of...


For your Staffroom

Helping teachers – Helping students – Some considerations for teaching students with disability

Claudia Vera has crafted this clear and comprehensive advice for teachers with students with disability …     All of us...


Programming: Some Simple Things to Remember

Kathryn Bellach offers some initial reflections to assist teachers in developing clear, simple and practical teaching programs …   Programming...


Assessing Assessment K-10

Jenny Williams guides us through the elements of wise assessment practice for all teachers K-10 … Assessing Assessment K-10 NSW Syllabus...


For your Future

What Makes a Good School?

Chris Bonnor ventures some key reflections about what true quality is in relation to schooling, leadership and connecting with parents …...