Semester 2 2021

The Semester 2 edition of the Journal of Professional Learning (JPL) introduces new teaching ideas for Mathematics and Music, a 3D site study for migration history and suggestions for how and why to introduce Aboriginal Studies 11-12. For primary settings, articles offer support to improve student behaviour and get technology working well.
Beyond the classroom, Raewyn Connell details the vital and elusive worth of teachers and Steen Larsen shares an international perspective on the purposes of education. Special research focuses relevant to the work of all K-12 teachers reveal new inequities in access to higher education, and the influence of education platforms, such as Google Classroom, on our pedagogy.

For your Classroom

Move and Improve Mathematics: Middle Years

Martin Ommundsen finds that incorporating movement activities into Mathematics can contribute to positive impacts on learning and class dynamics… If...


Improving Behaviour Through Engagement in Learning

Elizabeth Scott argues for managing behaviour by engaging students in their learning… Often, as teachers, we focus on behaviour strategies...


Virtual Reality Site Study: Migration Experiences (1945-present)

Paul Grover and Bruce Pennay emphasise the importance of students understanding Australian migration and doing migration History … There is...


For your Staffroom

Let’s Play! Benefits of Music Recitals

Ashleigh Smith celebrates performance through an exciting school recital series… Why a recital program? Music plays an important role in...


Aboriginal Studies: A Good HSC for Students and Community

Cath Jeffery explains why your school should offer Aboriginal Studies and shares student experiences of the subject’s personal, social and...


Technology That Works for K-6

Maria Wilson outlines five achievable areas for schools to begin improvement in digital technologies… Here is an example of a...


Vital, Elusive and Fantastically Complex: Teacher’s Worth

Raewyn Connell captures the scope and place of the work of teachers in modern Australia… This essay reflects on the...


For your Future

Should We be Worried about Google Classroom? The Pedagogy of Platforms in Education

Kalervo Gulson, Carlo Perrotta, Ben Williamson and Kevin Witzenberger reveal how Google Classroom works behind your screen… As we write...


Choice, Illusion and Access to Higher Education: What K-12 Teachers Should Know

Sally Patfield explains how teachers can support their students in light of new inequalities across the higher education sector …...


The North Wind: A Critical Perspective on the Purposes of Education

Steen Nepper Larsen argues that successful education teaches how to take a small step to the side and ask questions, bravely, insistently, and without hesitation.