New 11-12 Science Syllabus

30 January 2018

Jim Sturgiss, Tim Sloane and Emma Finlayson discuss approaches to assessment and the new Science syllabus which encourages your students to investigate.

Teachers can really tailor this new syllabus to suit their students, in their context at their school… the syllabuses have around 30-40 content dot points and this really frees us up to explore ways in which we are going to deliver this more open enquiry based syllabus.

…We are now expected to teach what it means to investigate… It’s science by doing, almost.

…In days gone by you could actually look at the syllabus and you could almost have a teaching sequence just by looking at the syllabus and following it down… but no longer. You now need to program what you are going to do. You need to integrate these depth studies into your teaching and that is going to take a lot more preparation but it is also going to be a lot more rewarding.

Jim Sturgiss, Tim Sloane and Emma Finlayson

Note for listeners: This episode was originally recorded for the JPL Podcast, hence the references to the JPL Podcast throughout.