Remote Teaching Special Part III: Class dynamic and wellbeing

27 July 2021

Rosemary Henzell emphasises the role of teachers in supporting students and colleagues in this difficult and unusual setting.

This is Part III in a three-part special series recorded during the Coronavirus situation and Public Health Orders affecting NSW.

It’s just saying to students ‘I’m here and its going to be okay’ and I think we do become an important anchor figure for our students in some way. So, lots of little affirmations, however we can do that for our students, whatever platforms they are on, whatever resources they are engaging with, if we can find ways to show they are important to us and we are here and we want to know how they are. That is going to encourage them to come to class and to log on and to join in…

As much as we can we want to maintain routines that support them and we want to normalise things as much as we can because we know that other things are out of our control.

Rosemary Henzell


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