Teaching Reading and Comprehension K-6

13 February 2018

Jenny Williams and Mary-Ellen Betts encourage you to teach your students to read for meaning using the NSW K-6 English syllabus.

We want every student, in every grade, to understand that reading is about meaning… the syllabus has at its heart: make meaning through language.

…if students come through their whole schooling believing that reading is meaning and understanding, they are able to critically analyse texts at a sophisticated level. If they come through school thinking it is just about words on a page, they are missing about ninety percent of the text.

…there is a connection between what I learn in reading, I use in writing, what I know in writing, I use in reading. We know that learning takes place best within a context, so any way we can find to integrate what we are doing with grammar and spelling and reading is really important.

Jenny Williams and Mary-Ellen Betts

Note for listeners: This episode was originally recorded for the JPL Podcast, hence the references to the JPL Podcast throughout.