Extended Response Writing 7-12

28 February 2018

Joanne Rossbridge and Kathy Rushton want to help you improve your teaching of writing.

Every school we have worked in have structures for text and teachers help them with that all of the time… teachers often write ‘try to write in a more sophisticated way’ or ‘this is not formal enough’, the student has worked very hard, they have read everything and they are relying on their oral language to fill in those gaps in the structure…

Literacy isn’t a set of skills you can learn from a book… it’s got to be about meaning… those students who you know know their content, but when you read their responses it’s just not quite right, it’s actually their literacy that’s holding them back and not their content knowledge.

Joanne Rossbridge and Kathy Rushton

Note for listeners: This episode was originally recorded for the JPL Podcast, hence the references to the JPL Podcast throughout.