Classroom Management through Effective Teaching

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This course is designed for teachers in the earlier stages of their career aspiring to develop their approach in classroom management through the use of effective teaching strategies to engage all students in learning. It will provide participants with practical strategies and deeper understanding of the theory and practice of good classroom management and good teaching.

Plenary sessions will include:

  • understandings of effective teaching
  • issues of engagement and teacher and student self-concept
  • how classroom management fits into the analysis and draws in the elements of planning, relationships and culture.
  • teacher collaboration

During the second half of the course, participants will be divided into workshops based on Primary and Secondary teaching to examine more closely the operational consequences of these issues and how the theoretical understanding leads to improved classroom management capacities.

Participant engagement and interaction with each other as well as presenters will be emphasised throughout.


Early Stage 1 to Stage 6. Teachers in the earlier stages of their careers

Face to face

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